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Saturday, November 03, 2007

My review of Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn...

Book Description:

Jeremy Cramer, M.D. is the next Einstein of infectious disease research. While working on a way to revive water submersion victims, he makes a breakthrough discovery in AIDS research that thrusts him into the center of a media frenzy. But the publicity turns negative and his marriage reaches the breaking point when he accidentally infects a colleague and his negligence allows his son to contract a life threatening disease. The viruses test the limits of his new formula and his ethics. In his frantic efforts to save his son and his marriage, he must decide whether to allow his child to die or violate the rights of a young transplant donor. The choice forces him to stand face-to-face with the unfathomable love required to sacrifice an only son.

My review:

I almost didn't accept this book to review as I had SO many to read, but the subject matter intrigued me. Now I'm glad I took this book on. I'll tell you why...Informed Consent is one of the most emotional, suspenseful, intelligent, and exhilarating stories I've read in a long time. The up-close look into marriage issues, grief and loss, and biomedical/ethical subject matter makes me rank this amazing novel as one of the best I've read this year. It is SO obvious that the author did a lot of research and she addressed the subject with insight and compassion. This story moved me to tears numerous times.

In some ways Informed Consent--which is a perfect title for the story--reminded me of a movie I watched starring Denzel Washington. In the movie he was stuck in an impossible situation and yet found a way to fix the problem. His solution was totally insane, but it sure made you think about the desperation people feel when they long to save a loved one, but face seemingly impossible barriers along the way. Informed consent tackled some really tough issues with finesse.

I'm reluctant to share much detail regarding this awesome novel because it's very suspenseful and I don't want the reader to miss out on the anxiety-provoking twists and turns by tipping them off to some of the dilemmas and solutions. But I will say that this story not only provokes intelligent thinking, but it makes you ponder spiritual issues as well. I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of the plot, the author's incredible "voice", and the pull this story had on me. I can't say enough good things about it, but I will say that from this point forward I intend to read EVERY book Sandra Glahn writes.

Informed Consent
was published by David C Cook and released in August 2007.

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Heather said...

Quite the review! Glad you liked it. I love Sandi's stuff for the reasons you mentioned--thorough research, tight writing, revealing emotions without being maudlin.

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