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Saturday, October 06, 2007

My review of The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck...

From the Publisher:

Haley Cutler is the consummate trophy wife. Perhaps "was" is the more accurate term. Haley married Prince Charming when she was only twenty years old – back in the day when highlights came from an afternoon at the beach, not three hours in the salon.

When Jay first turned his eye to Haley, she was putty in his slender, graceful hands. No one ever treated her like she was important, and on the arm of Jay Cutler, she became someone people listened to and admired. Unfortunately, after seven years of marriage, her Prince Charming seems to belong to the Henry the XIII line of royalty. When Haley loses Jay, she not only loses her husband, she loses her identity.

With her first independent decision, Haley leaves LA and moves home to Northern California. Feeling freedom just within her grasp, Haley learns that her settlement payments must go through one of Jay's financial advisors, Hamilton Lowe. Haley believes he's nothing more than a spy. And the feelings of distrust are mutual. Yet somehow, Hamilton finds himself handing over the monthly checks in person, and Haley can't deny that there's a kind of tenderness and protectiveness in Hamilton that she's never experienced in a man before.

But before Haley can even consider another relationship, she must learn to accept her inherent worth, and what it is to be loved for who she is, not what's on the outside.

My Review:

This story is incredible and deep, yet entertaining at the same time. In fact, I don't believe I've ever read a Christian fiction novel before that did such a fabulous job capturing the emotion a divorced woman feels and the self-condemnation that goes along with the whole situation. Billerbeck brings out some important truths through dialogue and relationships that is emotionally moving. I wish there were more books likes this in CBA. It's so real!

In addition to the above, this is one of the most romantic novels I've ever read and definitely Billerbeck's best novel in the genre. I love Women's Fiction and this story reads like Women's fiction with a touch of romance. Only this story will leave you breathless because the tension is so well done. The character arc is also one of the best I've read to date with the spiritual portion being subtle, yet powerful at the same time. Nothing is watered down, but it's all in there. And the ending is dynamite. I loved it!

The Trophy Wives Club was published by Avon Inspire and released Sept. 4, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I completely agree with you. Kristin Billerbeck's TROPHY WIVES CLUB is romantic and deep. I LOVED Haley's story! And the spiritual thread and character arcs are totally authentic. Highly recommended!!!

Anonymous said...

so many books so little time... Percy

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