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Friday, October 05, 2007

Important announcement about Demon: A Memoir and Tosca Lee that you need to know...

Watch the interview. She's even more beautiful and gracious in person. This author is the real deal and as authentic as they come.

Google Blogs Alert for: "Tosca Lee"

Fall From Grace The Story Behind Lucifer
By Linda_Evans_Shepherd

Novelist Tosca Lee and Linda Evans Shepherd discuss little known revelations of the life and times of our enemy Lucifer and what that means to us today From Denver Celebration See Linda's website at wwwRefreshingSpeakercom ... Newest Videos -

Publicity Firms and Guest Authors at TWC

Nebraska Tosca Lee. Tosca will be our first Celebrity Sunday guest in 2008. Her book has quickly moved to the top of my TBR pile. Their motto at Glass Road is "A Novel Approach to Reflecting Your Light". ...
Writers Chatroom -

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Anonymous said...

l am so confused, ya know l am not puter savy... am l suposed to click on a link to go see something? Percy

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