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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some thing(s) beautiful and something totally freaky!

First I thought I'd show you a picture of the sunset last night. I totally love where I live. It's so beautiful here. The weather is awesome. But sometimes it has it's moments - and it's not-so-great points.

Here is a sunrise picture. I love the mountain ranges that surround us. The mountains looked more purple then they do in this picture, but I tried to capture it with my cheapo digital anyway.

Now here is the freaky part. My husband took the following pictures today. Our neighbor noticed this black cloud hanging from one of the trees on the back of our four acres of property. What do you think the black cloud is? Well, we called a bee removal expert from Tucson and found out they were killer bees! No kidding. The bee guy said he kills them for a living and what he saw in our tree was three times the normal size. They are not clinging to a nest or anything. They are suspended, mid-air and buzzing/humming as they cluster together in a semi-sleeper state. Once those puppies broke from their huddle, they would swarm into a house, shed, or another enclosed area (like under a porch, in a garage, etc.) He said once they made their way inside they would build a hive and getting them out would be a difficult and expensive task.

So our neighbors paid half (since the bees were right by their garage, but on our side of the property) of the $500 bucks it cost to eradicate this swarm of killer bees. The reason it cost so much was the bee guy is a scientist and he lures the bees using female bee pheromones until he lulls the bees to sleep. Then zap! He killed them all (only three bees got away) and they fell into a net and were disposed of. My husband said it was the freakiest thing he'd seen in a long time. I'm just glad I missed the excitement and was at work at the time.


Tina Helmuth said...

So freaky! It gives me chills just to look at the pictures. I saw a movie about killer bees as a young child, and since then... *shiver*.

Anonymous said...

those buggers are nasty! a boy in panama was killed by them, missionary child... so so so sad! l am so gld your neighbor saw them and you are rid of them!!! Percy

Angela Breidenbach said...

Ack! Really scary! I hate bees.

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