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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My thoughts on what I'm reading this last week in August 2007...

It's been about a month since I posted my thoughts on the books I'm reading. Since it's unlikely with the congregational meeting at church tonight that I'll get a chance to finish a book, at least you can know what I'm reviewing. Bad Idea by the Hafter brothers is pretty psycho. I love the sarcasm and wit. A couple of things disturb me, but I can see the flip side as well. The book keeps begging me to pick it up and finish it. I'm thinking it will win out. I'm still reading Mothering Mother by Carol O'Dell and I'm loving it. This story is hilarious and witty, so I'll definitely finish it soon. I just started Sushi for One by Camy Tang. The food incident was pretty gross at the restaurant, but it's not dull so it's holding my attention. I like the author's voice. I'm enjoying Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury. It's the story where Dane and Katy finally get married. You know I'll love it! I began The Cure by Athol Dickson and it's kind of spooky, as is The Void by Mark Mynheir, which makes them perfect "guy" books. I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed with the amount I need to read and those I need to finish, but time flies so if I have one of your books and haven't read it yet, I truly apologize for the delay.

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Anonymous said...

l would never be able to read all those books at once! whew...the charthers would be floating around in my head, all mixed up tring to figure out which book they came from! Percy

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