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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My review of God Wants You to Shine by Stephanie Perry Moore...

Product Details
# ISBN: 0736919201
ISBN-13: 9780736919203
# Format: Paperback, 144pp
# Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
# Sales Rank: 342,078
# Age Range: Young Adult

From the Publisher:

The second Faith Thomas novelzine sparkles with the trend—setting features of the first—a fascinating fiction tale for teens in a dynamic magazine layout, full—color photos, and faith—building sidebars, prayers, Scriptures, and blog quotes from teens around the world.

Author Stephanie Perry Moore weaves another great tale with 14—year old Faith Thomas, daughter of a popular Christian musician. She and friends Nellie, Hope, and Kendal face struggles that test their beliefs and their sense of worth. Through it all, Faith learns to trust God with everything from the trials of friendship to feelings for boys to the pressure of a beauty pageant. This unforgettable journey through a calendar year leads Faith and teen readers to discover the unique way God wants them to shine!

My review:

God Want You to Shine
is the first novelzine for Young Adults that I'd ever read and it was FABULOUS! The author may be an adult, but she has the perfect teen voice in this story. Very convincing inner dialog and situations. I loved it! Faith is a new Christian and battling the temptations kids face today. Her friends are having serious problems, many of which affect her. Everything in her life ebbs and flows with the tide of life until an occasional emotional hurricane blows through and disrupts her world. But Faith ends up growing closer to God in the process and her friends all watch everything she does. Because of her attitude and relationship with God through the hard times, she makes an impact on the people around her and essentially shines her light in this dark world. Beautifully written, while this novelzine is for young adults, I think anyone would benefit from reading it. You will feel uplifted and encouraged. I guarantee it.

God Wants You to Shine was published by Harvest House and released July 1, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

sounds good for teens and more Percy

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