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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last chance to enter book giveaway!!!

I'll be pulling a name tomorrow. SO get your name in while you can.

From the Publisher:

Hostage negotiator Mulvaney Quinn is unaware that global catastrophe is hours away. He is equally unaware of how his past is about to betray him. When he is sent into a hostage situation in the Gaza Strip with a woman cop who hunted him for a failed terrorist bust, they become unlikely allies fleeing for survival. Only the two of them can stop an unholy trinity prepared to trigger a final battle of civilizations.

Failure means Armageddon.


Anonymous said...

i'm a new reader. i don't know what the rules/conditions are. i just know i want to enter. please? :)

Anonymous said...

throw my name in the hat!! Percy

kc said...

Am I too late? I want to win a book! Thanks, Michelle, for all you do.

Michelle said...

I added the names from the previous announcement and combined with this one and pulled Deena's name from the hat. Keep trying, guys. It's only a matter of time before your name will get picked, too.

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