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Saturday, June 09, 2007

My review of Sarah, My Beloved by Sharlene MacLaren

About the Book:

Sarah Woodward has come to Kentucky as a mail-order bride, only to learn upon her arrival that "her groom" is betrothed to another! Does God have a back-up plan? She feels certain He led her for a reason, so with her usual stubborn determination, resolves to stay put until she discovers that reason. Rocky Callahan, an embittered widower has recently been saddled with the responsibility of his young niece and nephew and is desperate for help. Upon meeting the fiery Sarah Woodward, he proposes the answer to both their problems--a marriage in name only. Can Rocky let go of the pain of his past and trust God with his future? As for the marriage "in name only"--will it hold up, or does God have other ideas?

My Review:

I really enjoyed Loving Liza Jane, but I adored Sarah, My Beloved even more. It's one of the most enjoyable marriage of convenience stories I've ever read. Totally believable and very deep. The characters were delightful and three dimensional and the tension had me turning the pages.

Unlike some historical novels, the conflict in this one doesn't feel at all contrived and I loved every minute of it. Funny thing is I've read similar type plots in many secular novels, but nothing beats a well-done inspirational novel like this one. The growing relationship between husband and wife will warm you to your toes and when they finally realize they love one another, you know it's coming, but it still makes you want to sigh. And that first!

I think Rocky is the most intriguing hero the author has come up with thus far. He and Sarah were perfect for each other. Plus, the way he resolved his issues with God made sense and was totally realistic. This novel would be great resource for someone who is angry with God. Highly recommended!

Sarah, My Beloved
was published by Whitaker House and will be released for sale in October 2007. Go ahead and pre-order your copy today!

1 comment:

Sharlene MacLaren said...

Thanks again for the very generous review of "Sarah". I hope it inspires lots of readers to go in search of it. No need to read "Liza" ahead of it as it's a stand-alone, but it does help somewhat as previous characters are mentioned.

Love your blgsite, Michelle. Thanks for all you do to help promote us writers--yourself included. (Or is is we writers?)


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