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Sunday, June 17, 2007

My review of Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck...

From the Publisher:

After a decade of reining the country music charts as the queen of country soul, Aubrey James, the daughter of legendary gospel singers, must come face-to-face with her life. After being betrayed by a close friend, Aubrey agrees to tell her exclusive story to CMT's Inside NashVegas host Beth Rose. Little does she know her future depends on reconciling with her past. But Aubrey's country world is rocked when Inside NashVegas host Scott Vaughn, a former love interest, shows up to hold the interview instead of Beth Rose. It's too late for the diva to change her mind. Scott's gentle manner and insightful interviewing wins Aubrey's trust, and ultimately her heart.

My review:

Diva NashVegas was a fun, adventurous read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The humor was delightful and the antics between Aubrey and Scott were hilarious at times. I enjoyed hanging out with Aubrey and getting a feel for who she really was inside. How she learned to conquer her fears and make better decisions for herself, including returning to her childhood faith. Aubrey was a tough, but lovable diva, and when people treated her like a normal person it not only touched her heart, but it moved mine as well. Fame definitely comes with a price and her story is a wonderful illustration of that truth. Overall, Aubrey seemed more like a friend to me than a character in a novel. She was that real. And the way the author brought her character out through a variety of interviews was pure genius.

Scott grabbed my heart from the beginning. Though I didn't despise Car, I definitely wanted to see her with Scott, who was less pretentious. However, the scene with Car in the restaurant was truly touching. And her discovery of her feelings toward Scott gave me delicious shivers. Scott was just an all-around nice guy and a true hero in every sense regarding Aubrey. I loved watching their friendship grow. I think of all the novels Rachel has written (that I've read) this is my favorite. I highly recommend it.

Diva NashVegas
was published by Thomas Nelson publishers and released in May 2007.

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Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Michelle. :) Aubrey felt like a friend to me, too!


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