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Friday, June 15, 2007

My blog has a whole new look. What do you think?

I'd like some feedback on the look of my new blog. I had a problem with the layout where the one column went under the other instead of laying side by side. With the old blogger I could tweak the padding, margins, etc, but with new blogger it is too hard to figure out, so I just chose a new layout. I changed the colors and style altogether. So what do you think? Better? Okay? Reader friendly? Let me know, please, by posting a comment or taking this poll. Thanks!

Do you like my new blog layout?
It's gorgeous.
Could be better.
Not really.

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Jenni Saake - InnerBeauty, InfertilityMom, Hannah's Hope said...

Very easy to read. Great job. :)

doodleboy11 said...

Very nice. The sidebar now seems a bit too long, though. I think maybe a footer would make it look more balanced.

I actually found it pretty easy to convert old Blogger layouts to the the new Blogger templates. It's even easier to convert an existing website layout to a Blogger template. But I am also skilled in XML-foo, so that might make a slight difference.

Maybe one day I'll make a semi-tutorial explaining the new blogger templates and how to successfully convert an old layout to a new template. It's actually pretty simple once you look into it a bit.

J. M. Hochstetler said...

Hey, girl, this is fantastic! Clean and streamlined. I LOVE it! You do such a great job!!


Robin Johns Grant said...

I like the colors a lot. It seems brighter and cheerier than the old template.

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