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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My thoughts on what I'm reading this third weekend in May 2007...

The book that has me the most hooked right now is That Wilder Boy by Kim Vogel Sawyer. It's a Heartsong and incredibly romantic. I've had the book since September so it's a shame I'm just now reading it. But what can I do? I plan to start Tracey Bateman's story Defiant Heart tonight as it's going to be up on the CFBA blog tour this week and I like to at least start the featured books before they are posted. I haven't read Ransomed Dreams by Amy Wallace since last week. I just haven't been in a suspense mood lately. I did start Captives and Kings by Craig and Janet Parshall and it's really good! I plan to start Widows and Orphans this week, too. I am a huge Susan Meissner fan and I've neglected her books because of so many others coming in and now I'm way behind. Same with Trish Perry's Too Good to Be True. I have to start her book this week. Some way, some how, I've gotta read some of these before Siri Mitchell's book comes in the mail. It's called Moon Over Tokyo and she's one of my favorite authors of all time. So many good books, so little time!

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Pattie said...

I FEEL your pain! I have a HUGE stack of great books to read and not enough time.

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