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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Still writing up a storm and enjoying this day...

So I didn't finish any books yet. However, I must say that this Courting Trouble story is fantastic. It may be my favorite Gist story yet!!! I should finish soon, I promise. But meanwhile I've written almost 14,000 words (yes, thousand) in four days. So needless to say I haven't read as much as I normally do. But when the muse hits, we authors must write, right?


Julie Carobini said...

Absolutely! Go, go, go!

Matt said...

Michelle, I'm so glad you've found time to write. 14K words in four days? Amazing! You go, girlfriend!

I can't wait to read Courting Trouble. I am one of Deanne's regulars on her blog. There's a group of us who have a great time chatting away about nothing terribly important. Come join us sometime.

Love and Hugs,

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