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Saturday, March 31, 2007

My review of The Cure for the Curse by Patrick Vaughn...

Book Description:
Warrenna doesn't know anyone at her new high school, but that's the least of her problems. She just found out that her parents are vampires... and so is she.
Her family undergoes a grueling ritual to preserve their remaining humanity and keep their blood cravings at bay. They must live in total secrecy, even as they try to protect oblivious humans from the growing vampire threat. But there's hope on the horizon. His name is Thomas, and he wonders why he feels so sad around the strange new girl. And why do Warrenna's paintings seem to come straight from his dreams? Can Thomas somehow help Warrenna fight her awful condition? Could he really be The Cure For The Curse?

My review:
Remember that vampire book I mentioned in an earlier post? The one that I picked up at the book fair and couldn't put down? Well, I finally got a chance to finish reading it and let me tell you, that is one interesting tale. The author is from Sierra Vista, where I live, though he now resides in Phoenix.

The theme in The Cure for the Curse was redemptive in several ways. The urgency in this novel felt very suspense-like. I was continually wondering what would happen to both Thomas and Warrenna. The emotion pulled me along. However, for people who are squeamish, this may not work for you. The funny thing is, I've never read a vampire story in my life and I would never claim this story as having Christian themes. Redemptive themes, yes. But that's all. There is also some cursing, which is offensive. Though very little cursing is in the story, it's still there.

So if you like the dark side and want to read a story that is fast paced, filled with tension, and will pull you into another realm, then you might like this story. I enjoyed it, though I'm not a convert to this type of genre by any means. I still like a inspirational read better than anything else. But the author did a fine job weaving his strange, but intense tale into his debut novel, so I wanted to let you all know.

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