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Thursday, September 14, 2006

My review of Candy Bombers by Robert Elmer

Candy Bombers is a fantastic story for kids and young teens. It highlights some real events that happened in post WWII Germany. What a great way to teach kids history, especially the positive side.

I've read a lot of WWII era stories and never once heard of the man who dropped candy over Berlin (and in particular the communist side) as a kind gesture to the people in a war-torn land to show that Americans really did want to help them. That's such a neat story. Candy Bombers is loaded with intrigue and in some places contains really great tension. The story has villains and some scary scenes, but nothing young teens couldn't handle. After all, most kids watch more violence on television. The values shown in this story make it worth reading, IMHO. Especially now that communism is not nearly as well-known as it had been during my youth.

I enjoyed Candy Bombers immensely and highly recommend The Wall series by Robert Elmer, of which Candy Bombers is the first book. The series is published by Zondervan.

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