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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My review of Ticket To Tomorrow by Carol Cox

Ticket to Tomorrow had me hooked from the moment the "bad" man bumped into the heroine's absent-minded-professor/inventor friend and business partner. I also love the cover, which perfectly resembles a young woman from that era. (I have a weird habit of looking at old photographs in antique shops, so I can assure you it has a definite authentic look.) Plus, my grandmother looked a lot like the cover model when she was young. I'm not kidding.

Back to the story...What a great mystery! Just enough intrigue to keep the reader turning the pages, and enough dramatic tension to make the reader wonder when the antagonist is going to strike. The diabolical plan is revealed in snippets, but is never drawn out enough to give it all away...until the climax, of course. That makes it a perfect mystery, in my book. I hate a predictable story.

The romance was...delectable. I loved it! How incredibly romantic! I loved how the hero kept wanting to steal kisses from the heroine. And he looked like the long-haired hunk in fringed leather from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Remember him? Admit it. He was the REAL reason you watched the show. Seriously, though, he was the ultimate hero. The whole story was very well done.

In my opinion Ticket To Tomorrow is the perfect example of a historical romantic mystery. I know that isn't a genre, but if it were, Carol Cox would be the leading author. She led me to a different time and place in history and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Ticket to Tomorrow was published by Barbour Publishing and released in April 2006. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to read it.

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