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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What I'm reading when I should be writing, or at least tweaking out a finished story....

I'm a glutton for a good book. I'm over half finished with The 3rd Covenant by David Brollier. That's full of some good stuff. I don't necessarily like crime novels, but this one has me intrigued. When I want a kick of romance and African American culture, I pick up The Last Ten Percent by Michelle McKinney Hammond, which I'm exactly halfway through the book, and for the historical I've got Coldwater Revival by Nancy Jo Jenkins. Last but not least, I plan to finish Under Cover of Darkness by Elizabeth White. I'm halfway through that one, too. (It's romantic suspense from LI) but I'm ready for a little contact between the hero and heroine and it ain't happened yet. The story is rich and not at all boring, but I NEED ROMANCE! I hope to finish it tomorrow. They better kiss soon! LOL! Then the tricky part is what to finish first and what to open up next (as I have a liking for reading four different genres at the same time.) That's how I keep from mixing up the facts and stories. They are all different enough to keep separate in my head. I've got like five great candidates! But if I have to stick to my pattern and I finish my Last Ten Percent story first, then I'll need to replace it with either Everything is Coming up Josey or The Secret Life of Becky Miller. Hmmmm....what to do. LOL!

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